A little taste of olde England in Praha

Maso & Kobliha (meat and doughnuts to you and I and M&K from this point forward) is a relatively new kid on a seriously foodie block. Within arms length (an inspector gadget arm admittedly) are the Old Crooked Beams favourite sushi, Indian and degustation restaurants. More about those in later chapters. For now let’s focus on the meat of the matter.

A brief history of M&K. Set up by semi famous chef Paul Day it pays homage to those oft forgotten and overlooked British classics. Corned Beef hash, faggots, black pudding, pies, the eponymous doughnuts and of course the traffic stopping, tonsil tingling scotch eggs. A quick mention for Paul first. Never met him but I’ve seen him around M&K when I’m in there. If I could draw (which I can’t by the way) the type of bloke I want hand-curing my corned beef and sourcing the best quality animal cuts then Paul would jump from the page time after time. Squat, confident thick black hair, sporting a classic butchers apron and a gait that says ‘I know my way around an animal’. We know we’re in good hands.

Whilst the menu is a triumph and delights are plentiful I only want to talk eggs at this juncture. Scotch ones to be precise. Quite simply put I have not had a better scotch egg anywhere on this fine planet of ours. Crispy salt & pepper panko breadcrumbs give way to the most flavourful perfectly seasoned sausage meat that gently caresses the most delicate of eggs with the requisite oozy yolk. Sublime. I realise I may come across a bit wistful and misty eyed at this point but quite frankly I want to take one of these tempting little critters for long country walks and spend days alone appreciating the fine form and texture of something so perfect. Ahem!

Maso & Kobliha

Whilst you may not have come to Prague for a taste of England I highly recommend a pit stop at M&K for the best Scotch egg you’re ever likely to have.


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